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Personal Work

Life on the edge was an exhibit done at Abhivyakti City Arts Project that touched upon aspects of the life of a female who defies the norms to find herself and understand her purpose of life. The exhibit showcased simple hand-drawn illustrations which were displayed through different mediums like posters, postcards, sketches. These illustrations highlighted moments of enlightenment, failure, anxieties, ecstasy – the bright and dark sides of living an independent life.

Each illustration was juxtaposed with a small phrase describing the state of mind/the story. These phrases reflect sarcasm, wit and pop culture. These illustrations were displayed in a 12x12 room space, reminiscent of an actual room of the protagonist. The idea behind building a room was to emulate the fact that the room has endured as much as the female, it is her safe haven with whom she can share things without any inhibitions. 

The purpose of this was to bring out vulnerabilities, forcing people to think about topics like sexuality, career choices, mental health, relationships and more. 

Concept, Design & Execution: Anuja Khokhani

Text: Mirant Tiwari

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