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Mariwala Health Initiative, Mumbai ~ 2022

Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice (QACP): A Resource Book for Mental Health Practitioners in India is an academic book, brought out by Mariwala Health Initiative, for mental health practitioners (MHPs), social workers, stakeholders within mental health and those working on gender and sexuality. 

Client requirement was to make this text-heavy academic book engaging for the readers through the use of illustrations and graphics.

To address the client requirements, the layouts in the entire book have been kept fluid. This has been done in order to break the structure and monotony and make it easy on the eyes of the reader. There are varied illustration styles throughout the book, ranging from very graphic bold yet fluid lines in brush and ink, monotones to mixed media. Some of the text narratives and conversations have been illustrated into a comic strip format with finer details and textures to add depth to the drawings.

The print version of the book also features posters that are added as separate inserts to enhance the users' interaction with the book. The posters are such that they can be cut out, framed and put up as daily reminders to 'queer' the psy discipline and contribute towards social justice.  

To access the digital copy, click here. To order your physical copy, click here

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